Notes: London. This family typifies examples of other families whose case has been dropped by police, child(ren) not on the at risk register, wanting to clear their names and not being allowed to get a second opinion on their child's subdural and how it might have been caused

Age of mother 32
Racial origin caucasian
Employment incapacity benefit
Age of father 33
Racial origin caucasian
Employment bt engineer
Parents/carer accused of shaking baby
Threat of arrest or arrested arrested by appointment
Any charges brought gbh
Charges dropped yes
Child on police protection register no
Child on at risk register yes
Child taken into care voluntary care (g.parents)
Time spent in care 6 weeks at g. parents?
Child still in care no
Age of child at that time 8 months
Sex of child male
Marital status of parents/carer married
Age of child now 16 months
Initial diagnosis subdural
Was diagnosis changed no
Outcome NAI
Type of injury subdural
Retinal Haemorrhaging yes
Other injuries no
Skeletal survey clear
Operation to drain blood/fluid yes
Birth details ventouse cap
Intensive or special care no
Brain scan taken in special care n/a
Baby's health before collapse good
Baby's health on day of collapse good
Vaccination at time of collapse unsure
Seizure or stopped breathing stopped breathing
No. of different medical opinions 1
Full or interim care order no