Notes: Immingham. This story is slightly different in that the baby was shaken by the mother. However, the father was also accused. Dr's and social services, unsure as to who shook the baby blamed both. Highlights how the onus is on the parents to prove innocence. After 6 months in care the father now has full custody of the child. He has to stay at his g.parents under a res. order

Age of mother n/a
Racial origin n/a
Employment n/a
Age of father 25
Racial origin caucasian
Employment incapacity benefit
Parents/carer accused of shaking baby
Threat of arrest or arrested no
Any charges brought accused of gbh
Charges dropped n/a
Child on police protection register yes
Child on at risk register no
Child taken into care yes
Time spent in care 13 months
Child still in care yes
Age of child at that time 3 months
Sex of child female
Marital status of parents/carer separated
Age of child now 16 months
Initial diagnosis NAI
Was diagnosis changed no
Outcome NAI
Type of injury subdural
Retinal Haemorrhaging yes
Other injuries yes
Skeletal survey fractured ribs
Operation to drain blood/fluid brain tapped
Birth details cesaer-preclampsia
Intensive or special care special care - 5 weeks
Brain scan taken in special care no
Baby's health before collapse good
Baby's health on day of collapse good
Vaccination at time of collapse unsure
Seizure or stopped breathing stopped breathing
No. of different medical opinions 11
Full or interim care order interim