"There are people in prison who shouldnít be there. There are some Paediatricians who (feel that) every injured child is a victim of abuse - thatís their starting point"
Prof. Bernard Knight - UK Forensic Pathologist

"Clinicians are going over the top without a helmet on this one... I canít tell the difference between a whiplash injury and shaking injuries. Itís surrounding factors and witness accounts that make up your mind. Paediatricians will sometimes say itís shaken baby syndrome when they donít know."

"There is no doubt there are parents who are wrongly accused and wrongly convicted."
Dr David Fagan - UK Paediatric Pathologist
"In our experience very few parents ever get a clear exoneration, they are not criminally prosecuted, donít get their say in court and their cases are dealt with under child care proceedings."

"And social workers take the doctorsí words for granted, they then donít carry out an independent investigation as they are required to do. They assume that the baby has been shaken and itís just a matter of them deciding who did it. They will tell mums to think carefully about their male partners."

"Doctors opinions are merely that - Ďopinionsí. Rarely can a doctor prove his diagnosis with definitive pathological tests. There may be many causes for particular signs and symptoms.  But, once a Doctor has made a diagnosis of non-accidental injury, other possible underlying causes are no longer investigated, such as birth trauma or congenital defects." 
Sue Amphlett - PAIN (Parents Against Injustice)